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New Challengers: Resistance 3 Joins the Capcom Pro Tour!!!!!

I am pleased to announce that our next event Resistance 3 is now part of the Capcom Pro Tour. Resistance 3 will now have the honor of being the final event in the Capcom Pro Tour in North America. To read more about this news you can go to the Pro Tour website here For more information on the event you can go here

Resistance 2 Full Results

Killer Instinct

1st: Rico Suave
3rd: CDjr
4th: NickyVengenz
5th: RPD MCZ Alex Smith
7th: MegaIsaac X
9th: Benbeech
9th: Shaq
9th: Hippie
9th: Dave Hewitt
13th: Brian Kershbaumer

DOA5 Ultimate

1st: FC Blackburry
2nd: Slybass
3rd: Yaeger
4th: Jin
5th: DrSnipe
5th: Hold Junkie
7th: TKF Brothablacks
7th: FoxMedik

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3

1st: CTRL | Flux
2nd: TS|Fooblat
3rd: PAG Crazy Joe
4th place: Erik Warda
5th place tie: CIO eLJay
5th place tie: CT Sam
7th place tie: MegaIsaac X
7th place tie: FAFSA|BGuy
9th place tie: Dont Jump
9th place tie: TrentD
9th place tie: (NC) Dazed
9th place tie: EP Flowers
13th place tie: MindxHeart
13th place tie: Shaq
13th place tie: PAG Virgo
13th place tie: The Steam Co. craigkeller
17th place tie: Discipline Daddy
17th place tie: Jermball
17th place tie: Sliphole79
17th place tie: Lava
17th place tie: Rob Aponte
17th place tie: Tom Drew

Ultra Street Fighter 4

1st Pie Smug
2nd: TheSteamco Sanford K
3rd: Dieminion
4th: PXG|GU Volcanic Akuma
5th tie: RPD MCZ Alex Smith
5th tie: Rico Suave
7th tie: Zaferino
7th tie: AG Lucky D


Under Night In-Birth EXE Late Results (Bracket:

1st: TS Lord Knight

2nd: CTRL | Flux
3rd: PeanutFever
4th: PF $mang
5th: Mecha Jeremy; Nuclear Cheese
7th: IPG | Dynicksty; CDjr
9th: D1T P1ZZ4 | JacopeX; Metal Face; Tales; RPD MCZ Alex Smith
13th: Wiggler; Baka; LazieFreddy; Eighty
17th: E $ports; Zero; TKF Brothablacks; GroovyMango; Adrian Dones; asap.pocky

Blazblue: Chrono Phantasma Results (Bracket:

1st: TS Lord Knight
2nd: Mecha Jeremy
3rd: Nuclear Cheese
4th: GroovyMango
5th: Eighty; D1T P1ZZ4 | JacopeX
7th: Kenny with a Q; Baka
9th: Adrian Dones


King of Fighters 13

1. RG| Pachukof
2. Shadow Siete Ocho Cero
3. Rashikal
4. SS| Dynicksty
5. ASAP Pocky
5. DC| Laziefreddy
7. Eighty
7. Metal Face



Next Event Resistance 2 August 2nd 2014

Our next will be Aug 2nd and once again will be brought to you by The Steam Co and Brokentier. You can pre register now by heading over to for more information click on the event tab

New Challengers: Resistance Brought to you by The Steam CO and Brokentier Clothing

{combrite_map 41.171887;-73.155925}

June 7, 2014 from 12:00 pm to 11:00 pm
Stratford, United States


{combrite_tickets 11613567493;1}

After a long hiatus New Challengers returns with the latest event in our tournament series Resistance! This event will be held at the Stratford Hotel & Conference Center. Pre register for the eventby clicking on “tickets” above, you only have to pay the $10 venue fee, you pay for the games you are entering at the event. This ensures we can have brackets seeded correctly and can correct any errors before the event starts. Also it ensures we can start and end on time!
Pre registered attendees will also be entered in exclusive raffles! There will be door registration but it will be $12 (seriously pre register people)
When: Saturday June 7th 2014
Where: Stratford Hotel & Conference Center
225 Lordship Blvd
Stratford, CT 06615
Venue Opens: 12 pm
Onsite Registration: 12:30 pm to 1:45 pm
Time: 2 pm – 11 pm

Venue Fee: $10(online only, $15 at door) You must pay venue if your just playing casuals Games:

  • SSF4: AE: 2 out of 3 only Grand Finals are 3 out of 5 (Capcom Pro Tour Style)
  • Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3: 3 out of 5 the whole tournament
  • Dead or Alive 5: Ultimate 2 out of 3 only Grand Finals are 3 out of 5
  • Killer Instinct: 2 out of 3 only Grand Finals are 3 out of 5
  • Blazblue Chrono Phantasma: 2 out of 3 only Grand Finals are 3 out of 5

System: Xbox 360, Killer Instinct is being run on Xbox One Blazblue is on PS3
monitor: Asusvh236h
Tournament fee: $10 per game
You will pay for the games registered on site

We will have setups separately in the back, so you can play casuals while waiting for your turn in the tournament. Also feel free to bring in your own setup to play the game you want(space permitting)