Shockwave 88 Dragonball Fighterz Ranbat Result

This past Thursday February 1st 2018 the first Ranbat in the Dragon ball Fighterz series took place at Fire and Dice Games in Milford Connecticut and here are the results

1st Teddy
2nd CT Dom
3rd MLGF
4th Shaq
5th Magnatoon
5th Circa Nicky
7th Snake
7th Takashi
9th ASAPxPocky
9th Jaewon
9th T3
9th UnbearablePun

New Challengers Dragonball Fighterz Ranbat Standings

1st Teddy 8pts
2nd CT Dom 7pts
3rd MLGF 6pts
4th Shaq 5pts
5th Magnatoon 3pts
5th Circa Nicky 3pts
7th Snake 1pts
7th Takashi 1pts

Watch the replay here Shockwave 88 and subscribe!

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